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The best way to see the majority of islands is through an 8-day cruise. People often opt for the 4-day tour to either the southern islands or northern islands. Because each and every island is so unique and interesting, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, go for the 8 days. Most of the tours begin at SANTA CRUZ and then are off to Rabida, Sombrero China, Santiago, Bartolome, Seymour, Baltra, Islas Plazas, Santa Fe, SANTA CRUZ, Floreana, finishing up at SANTA CRUZ in the end. It’s a fantastic way to see the majority of islands and what they have to offer. Plus, there is always a naturalist guide on every ship ready to explain the ways of the islands to you! Learn and enjoy.
Bigger and more expensive cruise ships often go all the way up to Genovesa and hit the west side of Isabela, visiting Fernandina as well. Because the route is so far, the ships are larger, carrying more passengers, and are also more expensive

Private Boats:

To move from SANTA CRUZ to Isabela or San Cristobal, you can also pay a private speed boat to take you to the other islands. They usually charge around $30.00. Ask at the boat docks and in Puerto Ayora in the restaurant Salvavidas or in front of the docks. That’s usually where the captains hang out, and they would know who is leaving for another island.
You can also charter these boats to take you to other islands nearby; however, because Floreana, Isabela, San Cristobal and SANTA CRUZ are so far away, you can charter your own speedboat for you and your group for a cost of $700.
Water taxi: In Puerto Ayora will transport you from your own yacht to the wharf when required at a cost of 0.60 cents in the day, and $1.00 at night.
Also there are Water Taxi services in Puerto Baquerizo and Puerto Villamil, to transport between the docks and Yachts.


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