What to bring to the Galapagos islands. Packing list, baggage, luggage.



When packing for a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands pack lightly!

The fewer things you bring the more carefree and enjoyable your trip will be. It's best to pack your clothes in two bags: one with warmer clothes and city clothes that can be left in your hotel in Quito, and a separate bag for storage of your gear aboard the boat in Galapagos.

You should be able to lock all your luggage regardless of where you are traveling. Following are a few suggestions

    Galapagos islands Swimsuit & Sunblock (a couple of bottles)
    Galapagos islands Bug repellent
    Galapagos islands Sunglasses and a hat
    Galapagos islands Good walking shoes, sandals or water shoes (2 pairs -- one to keep dry, and the other for wet landings)
    Galapagos islands Quick drying shorts (a couple of pairs)
    Galapagos islands A top to wear while swimming (some people, because of the sun, might want to look into long-sleeved tops and long pants as well!)
    Galapagos islands T-shirts or short sleeved shirts (quick drying ideal)
    Galapagos islands A sweatshirt, fleece or warm top (the evenings on the boat get cool)
    Galapagos islands A waterproof shell
    Galapagos islands A pair of long pants
    Galapagos islands A camera and lots of film: The average tourist takes two rolls/day on the islands! Film is available here, but it's expensive.
    Galapagos islands We also recommend purchasing one or two underwater cameras to take photos of the animal life while snorkeling!
    Galapagos islands Dramamine or motion sickness pills: During the evening, the boat does sway from side to side, making some people feel a bit uncomfortable.
    Galapagos islands Basic toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, shampoo, soap, shaving gear, and all prescription medicine needed
    Galapagos islands A small flashlight
    Galapagos islands A journal or notebook to jot down those wonderful Galapagos memories.
    Galapagos islands Light cotton scarf to protect your neck
    Galapagos islands Long-sleeve light cotton shirt
    Galapagos islands Snorkel, mask (with prescription lenses if you require them) and fins
    Galapagos islands Waterproof bag for gear
    Galapagos islands Pepto Bismol (or Kaopectate) for stomach upset and mild diarrhea
    Immodium or Lomotil for more severe diarrhea
    Galapagos islands Plastic Bags
    Galapagos islands Extra batteries, extra tapes, extra film & X-Ray proof bag for film
    Galapagos islands Passport
    Copy of passport
    Galapagos islands Travel insurance, we recommend world travel center
    Galapagos islands Credit card(s)
    Travelers Checks
    US Cash
    Galapagos islands Spare pair of prescription glasses
    Galapagos islands Water bottle (1 litre)
    Galapagos islands Notarized letter from other parent authorizing travel if both parents are not traveling together
    Galapagos islands Binoculars

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